Sporkenburg castle ruines © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer

© GDKE, U. Pfeuffer

© GDKE, U.Pfeuffer

Nassau Castle © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Nassau Castle

Noble residence with stunning views
A hilltop castle above the river Lahn that was once home to one of the oldest noble families in Germany.

Schwalbach Castle © GDKE
Schwalbach Castle

Outstanding medieval architecture
This hill castle is one of the loveliest and best preserved in the Taunus region.

Hartenfels castle ruins © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Hartenfels castle ruins

Impressive relic from Salian times
The 18-metre castle keep is evidence of how important this Salian castle once was.

Sporkenburg castle ruins © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Sporkenburg castle ruins

French influence in the Westerwald
These ruins hidden in the forest have some surprising architectural features.

Monuments © GDKE, U. Pfeuffer
Other monuments

Countless original sites
Discover history in the Westerwald, Lahn and Taunus region.